SERVE by Hallie B

CEO & Founder

Hallie is our People Lovin' World Traveling Owner. Her expertise is in supporting others dreams and pushing them towards reality. With over 20 years of experience as a Stylist and Buyer, Hallie is a lover of all things ethically made and she is driven by her passion for community over competition.


Kelly Thompson

Brand Identity & Design

Kelly is the creative soul behind our brand identity. She has handled our branding with Hallie ever since we opened in 2012. She even helped make Hallie's ice cream Land Rover come to life. When Kelly isn't busy traveling the world she is running her own graphic design studio out of Austin, TX.


mckelvy moore


McKelvey Moore is the owner of MIXED by McKelvey, which is located inside of SERVE's speakeasy. McKelvey is a multifaceted cosmetician & highly skilled mixologist. We love having such a stylish soul around and recommend her services to everyone we meet. You can use the button below to book!


Olga Botero

Stylist + Professional Chef

Olga Botero is the loved-by-all expert at SERVE. Both on the floor as well as the cafe. Former owner of the Tea Spot Cafe. When times got tougher her cafe dreams were trying hard to stay afloat. SERVE invited Olga in as part as the Dreamers Collide Movement in order to stay in business. With much creative thinking with Hallie & team, The Spot at SERVE came to life, Inspired by her Colombian roots, Olga always dishes out the most delicious plates & beverages (we highly recommend her Arepas, called “The Lu”)! Still trying to stay afloat, Olga and Hallie transitioned The Spot at SERVE to fully run under SERVE. Olga is extremely stoked to be doing what she loves and The Dream Team is beyond humbled to have her.


Amy Joyce

Interior Designer

Amy Joyce is our amazingly talented interior designer. She's been with us since the beginning and we love how she consistently turns the vision into a reality. She pours her heart into every space she designs and every art piece she creates. We highly recommend Amy's design services (and her friendship)!


Callie Neatherlin

Public Relations

Callie is the rockstar behind our public relations! She handles all media inquiries, speaking requests, news outlet coordination, and more at SERVE. She also loves travel and quality time with her family! You can reach her using the links below or by emailing pr@theserveshop.com.


Kim Bruce

Professional Organizer

Kim is our queen of creative storage and crisp organization. She helps us not fall into disorganized chaos! Kim is dedicated to helping others take control of their space by creating organized solutions that serve them. We encourage everyone to "Declutter your life to unclutter your mind" with Kim!


Jewelry Designer

Nicole is one of the many talented jewelry designers who's line we carry. She is so much more than that though... Nicole is a friend, to everyone she meets! Be it a shy customer or one of the victims of human trafficking she teaches jewelry making to, Nicole is always so fun and has such a generous heart for others!

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